optiviel optical termination box



4 Pigtails G652D 1m & 4 SC /UPC Adapters  (OPVL-DP-1104) Rp.
8 Pigtails G652D 1m & 8 SC /UPC Adapters (OPVL-DP-1108) Rp.
12 Pigtails G652D 1m & 12 SC /UPC Adapters( OPVL-DP-1112) Rp.
16 Pigtails G652D 1m & 16 SC /UPC Adapters (OPVL-DP-1116) Rp.

4 Pigtails G652D 1m & 4 SC/APC Adapters (OPVL-DP-1204) Rp.
8 Pigtails G652D 1m & 8 SC/APC Adapters (OPVL-DP-1204) Rp.
12 Pigtails G652D 1m & 12 SC/APC Adapters (OPVL-DP-1204) Rp.
16 Pigtails G652D 1m & 16 SC/APC Adapters (OPVL-DP-1204) Rp.

Spesifikasi product:

Distribution Point Ftth Box (DP) is designed for use in residential and business applications for the termination of up to sixteen optical fibres/drop cables. The DP can be used as a passive splitter housing of up to 1 x 8. Within the DP box there are splicing cassettes for splicing the Distribution cable to the drop cable in the case of point to point or from distribution cable to the passive splitter whereby the fan out of the passive splitter then spliced in the cassette or terminated at the adapter coupler. The unit is supplied with a fixing bracket for pole mounting. The unit is supplied with a lockable hinged door and a rubber seal providing an IP rating of 65
Product Features
– Compact and Robust design
– 2 Cables entry trough the bottom with security glands
– 16 ports for drop cable outlets with rubber glands
– Pole and wall mounting
– Splicing trays with fussion splice protector organizer and splice tray cover
– Standard color is white RAL9016
– Splice tray with locking magnet

Technical Data
– Required Space envelope : H306 x W240 x D106(mm)
– Number of in/out main cable port : 2 ports
– Maximum main cable diameter : 15mm
– Number of in/out drop cable port : 16 ports
– Maximum in/out drop cable diameter : 7-9mm
– Maximum number of customer feeds : 16
– Operating Temperature : +10 to + 70 DEG C
– Material : ABS
– Color : White RAL 9016
– Packing Dimension : H320 x W250 x D110(mm)
– Packet Weight (kg) : 1,8
– Net Weight (kg) : 1,7
– Installation Instruction included
Optional Items
– Pigtails can be supplied with either SC/UPC or SC/APC connectors
– Passive splitter in PLC form factor of 1×4 and 1×8
– Adapter Couplers SC/APC or UPC
– Fussion sleeve or splice protectors
– Field termination kit SC