Visual Fault Locator

Laser pointer fiber optic murah

Visual Fault Locator

Light Source  Rp. 1.250.000

Central wavelenght: 650nm+ -10nm
Applicable fiber type: Single Mode or Multi Mode
Emitter type: FP-LD
Output power: 20 mW
Laser Range: > = 20 Km
Optical connector: 2.5mm universal connector ( FC)
Operating model: Both CW and Pulse available
Pulse frequency: 2Hz to 3Hz / 9Hz
Power supply: 2AA Alkaline batteries
Continous working time of power: > = 20 hours
Operating temperature: -20 C to 60 C
Storage temperature: -40 C to 85 C
Dimension: 13 x 167mm

– Maintenance in telecom, CATV
– Test Lab of optical fibers
– Fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks
– Other fiber optic measurements

– 2.5mm universal connector
– Operates either in CW or Pulsed mode with constant
– Output power
– Low battery warning
– Long battery life ( up to 60 hours)
– Drop-resistant and dust-proof design of laser head
– Laser case ground design prevents ESD damage
– Portable and rugged
– Easy to use
– Can be used for ST / SC / FC connectors , universal optical interface, single/ multi-mode fiber for High stability, long-life work
– 650nm visible